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Our Products and Services

Digidata Products and Services

Products Sold by Digidata:

Digidata Infosystems has started to sell the Softwares of different companies.

It includes:

  1. Tally.ERP
  2. Tally.ERP Customised modules - M9 
  3. Task Management Software
  4. OmniScan, OmniDocs and DMS ECM Software 

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Services provided by Digidata:

The company is involved in providing Digitisation & DMS Services,  Tally.ERP Products Sale, Customisation, Services & implementation and Support, Amazon Web Services' products Sale, Services & implementation and Support Co-operative Housing Society Managment & Accounting, Share Accounting services as Share R & T agent for Co-operative Banks & Patasanstha's, SAP data outsourcing services, Long range and Short range Wireless Connectivity Solutions and Information Systems Audits.  We consistently offer  high quality professional services to our clients. Our knowledge resources, specialized tools, trained personals and working methodologies provide our clients the best services for running the business in uninterrupted manner. The details of our Services are as follow:

Document digitisation and DMS Solutions

We help the organisations for digitisation and managing the data, sorting, analysing and arranging the same in suitable manner for finding the same with ease taking help of specified DMS software and solutions.

OmniDocs Document Management Software creates value for businesses through the following features

  • The OmniDocs ECM Document Management Software through a central repository to store documents that can be accessed and shared between multiple users, across departments, locations or the entire enterprise as well.
  • Folders, Sub-folders hierarchy for organizing enterprise documents
  • Comprehensive library services ensure that the DMS System delivers dynamic check-in and check-out facilities . Users can check out the latest version of a document, check in a new version. Version history is captured along with major and minor versions.
  • Enables  generation of compound documents and collaborative authoring of documents
  • Comprehensive Folder & Document level operations like move/copy, forward, print, download etc
  • Classification and taxonomy management for ingestion of metadata into the system and reclassification of existing objects.
  • Enterprise class search capabilities including federation, profile, index, date based and full text search.
  • Annotations on image and electronic documents
  • Extensive reports and audit trails
  • The Document Management Solution is Unicode compliant  and offers multi-lingual support
  • The DMS offers security features like access permissions on folders and documents through access control lists with support for user/group/role-based rights.
  • Strong integration capabilities, with support for web services,Java based API, and URL-based integration
  • Ready social media integration adaptors for ECM
  • Support for HTML 5 based Mobile App for content management on iOS & Android platforms.
  • Support for open standards(CMIS, PDF/A, WEBDAV etc)



Tally.ERP products - Sales, Services, Customisation and


We are also involved in Sales, Services, customisation, implemantation and Support of Tally.ERP products. We are specially involved in customisation of Tally.ERP for :

  • Educational Institutions - Aspire
  • Manufacturing Industry Sector &
  • Jewellary Sector - HONE.
  • Hospital Management System

We are Certified Tally partner for Sales & Services as TSP and Tally.ERP Implementation and support by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

TIN Facilitation Centre Services

Digidata has newly started providing services of TIN-Facilitation center.

Under TIN-FC we provide services to our clients for:

  1. New PAN registrations

  2. New TAN registrations

  3. Correction in PAN details already allotted

  4. Correction in TAN details already allotted

  5. E-filing of e-TDS/e-TCS returns

  6. E-filing of  TDS /TCS paper returns

  7. Digitisation of IT returns submitted to IT department etc.


Amazon Web Services

We are registered partner with Amazon web services for providing cloud computing services. We go forward with the Tagline of Amazon web services as : "FRIENDS DON'T LET THEIR FRIENDS BUILD DATA CENTERS".  We provide services to our clients to:

  1. Host servers on Amazon cloud 
  2. Host data centers on Amazon Cloud
  3. Synchonise data on Organisation servers to Cloud servers
  4. Use data bases on cloud etc.

Kindly contact us on our given numbers for further information.




SAP Data outsourcing Services

Now a days in many organisations SAP is being implemented and used at a large scale. But the personals in the organisations have lack of knowledge and also lack in confidence. We provide services to organisations which have implemented SAP but not using it because of any kind of reason. We also help the organisations which are interested to outsource the process of SAP accounting and reporting with the help of it.