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In today’s world every organisation is promoting ‘Green Initiatives’. For promoting ‘Green   Initiative’ every organisation has to make least use of paper and digitise   all the documents and also to manage it with some kind of system with the   help of specific softwares being introduced by various companies in market.   We at Digidata Infosystems Pvt Ltd assist the organisations for   promotion of ‘Green Initiative’ thru digitisation of Documents and Document Management Systems.

Now a days every person is familiar with Tally.ERP. Tally.ERP is being used in every organisation for Accounting, Inventory Management and Payroll. We, Digidata Infosystems Pvt Ltd are certified Tally partner as TP, TSP, and TE. We provide Sales, Implementation, Customisation and After sales support for Tally.ERP. We at Digidata Infosystems Pvt Ltd have expert team for giving support online as well as off-line to our customers. We are expert in customisation and implementation for Manufacturing Industries, Educational Institutions, Jewellary Units and Hospitals. We carry out customisation with our esteemed business partners Apex ActSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Now a days every person in organisation is in need of any kind of information at every point of time from organisation's personals where he/she is working and wants immediate access of the database servers kept at his organisations' premise. For this need of information every organisation is thinking to move towards cloud computing, cloud services implementation, cloud servers, heavy amount of databases etc. We, Digidata Infosystems Pvt Ltd are registered partners of Amazon Web Services. We provide all the web based services as per requirement of our client.

The   Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 has been amended recently. Every   co-operative organisation covered by the said act has to undergo the changes   as amended by the Act. As per the amendments made every co-operative   organisation has to compulsorily maintain the records of Shareholders, KYC   details of Shareholders and make differentiation as Active and Non-active   shareholders. We at  Digidata  Infosystems Pvt Ltd help the   co-operative organisations for Accounting of Shares, Procurement of KYC   details, Carry on surveys on door-to-door basis, updating of details of survey’s   carried on of shareholders and keeping the other records updated and also to   produce the reports as required by the co-operative department and other   authorities.

The Companies Act, 2013 has also been recently introduces abolishing the earlier Companies Act, 1956. The changes recently introduced has required the Private Limited Companies to maintain the records of Shareholders and their KYC details in organised way.  We at  Digidata Infosystems Pvt Ltd help the co-operative organisations for Accounting of Shares, Procurement of KYC details, Carry on surveys on door-to-door basis, updating of details of survey’s carried on of shareholders and keeping the other records updated and also to produce the reports required as per the need of Ministry of Corporate Affairs and other authorities.

In many organisations SAP has been implemented and proper training has also been   delivered but the full-fledged use of the system being introduced is not made   because of many reasons. We at   Digidata Infosystems Pvt Ltd also provide services for SAP Data   outsourcing and help the organisation to keep the records updated and procure   the reports necessary for quick decision making.

Many of the organisations face problems   because of connectivity issues due to improper implementation of networks,   improper implementation of wireless devices, lack of knowledge in relation to   wireless devices, connectivity issues because of breakage of wires, improper   consultancy in relation to lease lines/broadband lines and heavy charges   being levied for the same. We at  Digidata   Infosystems Pvt Ltd have a team of Network installation consultants,   network designers, network implementers, wireless devices installers, Long   range wireless connectivity solution providers and long range wireless   devices installers. We also help the organisations for connecting many   premises with the help of wireless connectivity and minimise the cost of   lease lines and huge saving in cost being charged by lease line providers.

Every organisation is using information systems and also implementing ERP solutions for running the organisation   successfully and in a managed manner. For the proper use of information   systems and technology and monitoring the system in proper way each   organisation has to put and implement security at each point of the system   and also to monitor the security and get reports of breach of security and   rules being implemented. We at  Digidata   Infosystems Pvt Ltd also carry on the Information System Audits of the organisations which require the audits to be carried on compulsory basis as required by Law. We also help the organisations in assisting for   pre-installation, during process of implementation and post implementation of   systems. We also carry out security audits as per ISO 27001 standard.

The Key Management Personnel of the organization possess substantial experience and knowledge in the field of Allied consultancy, advisory services, installation and implementation and Security Audits making the company capable to serve the clients in a better and more professional manner. Availing assistance from different experts from different fields has consequently resulted into better value addition to the clients’ businesses.